Friday, 22 February 2013

Hand Warmers and Pocket Tissue Packs

Wow, I had a fun time with these little cuties! I think I must have been inspired by the really cold weather we have been having here recently; it has been snowing just a little bit again today and more is due...

Firstly then, I made these for a little warmth; hand warmers:

I made them from soft cotton material with cute little prints and filled them with lavender infused uncooked long grain rice, and real lavender. All you do is pop them in the microwave for 1min 30 secs (750W) and then enjoy the warmth...with the beautiful smell of lavender to warm your senses too. SO good. :)

You can see from the photos they are in are the process of being made - I made one but I am letting the rice and lavender oil do their thing for as long as possible before filling. This will make them last for years and if the smell does diminish a little, just crush the bag a bit in your hand and fresh aroma is dispersed. Mmm.

Of course they can be used for many areas that need warming and my God-daughter came up with a nice suggestion that they can be warmed and put on the pillow, to either warm an ear or to give off the aroma to aid a peaceful night's sleep.

And, to top it all, they make great little bean bags for the kids to throw around!

Soon to be in my Etsy shop...

Secondly, still influenced by the winter chill, Pocket Tissue Packs:

I have actually been wanting to make these for quite some time and once I got around to it, I made 10 in one go! (You will notice only 9 in the photos as my husband swiped one for an early Christmas present! Wow.)

I just love how pretty they look all lined up and ready to work. They each hold 10 ready folded tissues and have cute little embellishments. I enjoyed making these and just couldn't seem to stop! I think it was hunger that eventually made me...What do you think to them? Again, these will soon be in my Etsy shop, of course let me know if there is anything you want instantly!

Thanks for reading, pass it on if you like it and leave a comment if you wish, I'd love our feedback :)

Have a nice weekend,
Julie. x

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