Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hand Made Greeting Cards

Good evening to you all, I hope you are having a good day,

Today I would just like to share with you some cards I have recently been making. I make each one individually and although I have around three cards that are similar, they are still different to one another. They are generally birthday cards and some cards are left blank for your own message.

Here they are:

I have made them into a collage just for ease of viewing in one go, if you are having trouble seeing individual cards, just click the picture and it will increase in size.

There is one Christmas card in the collage - but I just wanted to give you a sample of what types of cards I make.

They are all based on craft card, some with apertures and I use embellishments of all kinds, card stock, printed card sayings, wire, glue, string, buttons, handwriting, stamps and so on. I have always loved hand made cards and so I thought I would make and sell some - why not?

And sure, you can buy cards relatively cheap from card stores, but remember they are mass produced, many via machines - mine are made individually, via my hands and heart.

Anyway, please let me know what you think! If you like this article, please share on Facebook or Twitter etc. This would make me smile a lot. :)

Will speak soon,

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  1. The cards with the cupcakes on are my favourite! I love handmade cards and always try to buy them instead of mass produced shop ones.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your Places To Visit links!

    Claire x

  2. I am right there with you Claire! There is nothing like home made. :)

    And you are welcome! You have a great Blog. Thank you for commenting.