Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Make Up Bags & Fairs News

Evening all,

So,  I just love this material and can't help myself from making things with it! Here are some new make-up or toiletry bags that I made with it, with cute little blue dotty internal material :)
I made three, as you can see, and I made them with flat bases so that they can stand up easily - it is very annoying when your make-up bag won't stand up! I used white zips for these too as it adds to the crisp and clean effect. Do you like them? I will be putting them on Etsy soon.

Also, I have had conformation of six more fairs I will be standing at throughout the year and they are in one of my favourite places on the planet - Matlock Bath! For those who are unaware of it, Matlock Bath is a village south of Matlock in Derbyshire, which is in the Peak District in England, UK. It is one of those places I visited as a youngster and fell in love with and have gone back hundreds of times again. For me, it's like the seaside, only the sea happens to be the river Derwent and the Promenade (it's official name!) is a row of shops, probably half a mile long (?) split into North Parade and South Parade that contains gift shops of all types, as well as fish & chip shops, cafes and amusement arcades etc.

The fairs I will be attending are at the Old Methodist Church and you can see their Facebook Page here. I will be standing 6 times this year (booked so far) and they are mostly 3 day events. I am so excited! It looks like a great venue, the owners have renovated it and done a fantastic job AND it is right in the middle of the main strip. Matlock Bath is always busy but during bank holidays, Matlock Bath gets PACKED. So, hoping for fruitful events... :) The fairs I will be attending are on my Facebook site, please check them out here on the Events page, and maybe come visit!

BUT, before those fairs, I will be attending one right near to where I live. In fact if I stood on my roof I would be able to see the venue. This one is at the Wollaton Park Community Hall, in Wollaton, Nottingham, England, UK. The owners of the event and event details can be found through their website. This is my first one this year and is on Sunday March 3rd 2013. Exciting times!

And so anyway, off to watch the rest of the BRITS. Have a lovely evening.
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