Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fairies, Music and Lavender...

Good evening all,

Today, I have three different items to show you, I thank you for sparing a minute.

Firstly, this a delicate little tooth fairy pillow:


When your little one's tooth has fallen out, place it in the little pocket, leave it near the pillow and when the tooth fairy comes to collect it (and hopefully leave a little gift) she will have a nice soft landing :) How cute? This one is for a little girl, a little boy one is coming soon...

Secondly, I made these:

Little pine picture frames containing genuine sheet music, with pictures drawn on top. The piano sits on piano sheet music and the band member sits on marching music! They wouldn't take up much room and would be great for any lover of music. I like them because they are a little bit different...

And thirdly, these:

I only finished these tonight, so the lighting is really not good, but I couldn't wait to photograph them and post them here! They are cute little lavender bags. I made them fairly small so they could be placed virtually anywhere, including the usual places like wardrobes and drawers, but also hand bags and desks. (Imagine, scented writing paper...)

All items will be available once I have done the fair coming up, but if you would like any of my items that you have seen here, and are not yet available in my Etsy store, please get in touch.

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Have a lovely evening.

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